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RikerOneSeven Trivia Game
Basic Rules and Guidelines 

This is a game for everyone online and off, but mostly online.

I will post up to three trivia questions weekly every Tuesday at Noon PDT via Instagram (@Riker17https://www.instagram.com/riker17/) and copied to both my Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/k6wjr) and Twitter (@Riker17https://twitter.com/riker17) accounts. Each question will use the hashtag #RikerOneSeven when posted to indicate that it is a trivia question for this game. Each posted answer must be accompanied by the same hashtag when responding to be considered complete. Responses can be made on, and will be accepted from, any of the three social media sites listed above. 

This game begins on April 21st, 2020 with the first question posted at Noon PDT to the above listed social media sites. There is currently no end date in mind. That could change at any time. 

This game will use What3Words (https://what3words.com/), Google Earth (https://www.google.com/earth/), and/or MapQuest (https://www.mapquest.com/) for physical, real-world, location-based trivia questions and answers. 

Movie and TV trivia will include only mainstream films and TV shows available to the general public from any of the major studios. 

The purpose is to have fun and not let boredom set in during this pandemic lockdown event. I do not have a prize at hand at this time, but that could be altered with a few donations. I may set up a donation button for that purpose on the site. All trivia and related questions will be posted to my site Riker17.com (https://riker17.blog/) about 24 hours after being first posted on my socials, as explained above.

Thank you. 

Will Robertson
April 20, 2020

The hoax continues

We are a strong nation. Right now, we are flying on a path to disaster. We have allowed ourselves to believe a resounding lie perpetrated by a collection of organizations that we are supposed to be able to trust, but sadly we can not, now or ever. Trust is broken. Truth is ignored.

This Corona virus event that has covered our planet is fiction and fear is the real enemy. Have no fear! Trust no one. Especially do not trust the so-called “medical experts” on TV or elsewhere who offer nothing but fear. Fear kills more than any virus could.

The solution is critical thinking and a willingness to question all you hear and read. Life is more normal than you realize.

Amazon Job!

Amazon Fresno Location

Got a job at Amazon

New job with Amazon!

I visited the Tracy Fulfillment Center on Tuesday, March 31, to attend the required 20-minute office hours. I filled out some paperwork, submitted the required documents (my passport), and got my badge photo taken. I asked if there were any openings at the Fresno location and was informed that there was two openings and I got one of them. I am scheduled to begin on April 15th, pending final paperwork and new hire orientation.

I am feeling nervous, excited, and various other words I can not think of right now. This is a full-time position where I will be rewarded with a bonus to start and other benefits beyond. My shift is 0730 – 1800 Wed-Sat, Overtime day Monday. Lots of hours available.

This means I will be unable to continue with my college classes and I have already submitted my two-week notice at the Ram Pantry. I enjoyed my time there, but I move forward to earn better pay and a better future.

COVID-19 blues

COVID-19 this is the Cure

Be strong and be vigilant.

COVID-19 OK Boomer

We are isolated. We should not be. This is not how America should continue to exist. I am not fearful. I refuse to live with fear. Now is the right time to launch a successful business. I want to open the doors to Podhouse Studios soon.

Our nation is broken, soon it will be fixed. I am unaware of any time in our past when America was so willing to shut down for no reason. This “Pandemic” is a farce, a hoax, pure fiction. No one has died of SARS-COV-19 and no one will. Ever. This event will pass by and some amount of ‘normalcy’ will return, but our country will forever be altered. Laws will not be repealed. Martial law is reality. The media continues to lie to us.

More about the present

I have more to say regarding my present plans and future goals.

Regarding the present, I am attending Fresno City College and am now employed at same, though currently awaiting hours info, and I am still working out the details of my business idea. As for the future, that is yet to be written. I am stumped about my next step. Sure, lots of books and otherwise to mull over, but as a hands-on learner type, I need further information. That kind of knowledge is hard to come by.

I will write more soon.

Back to College

Fresno City College Spring Semester 2020

New semester begins.

Fresno City College 1910

I am once again a student at college. This time at Fresno City College. A very diverse campus, part of a larger district, and welcomes about 100% of the applicants who apply.

I am feeling many things, such as anxious, nervous, and some excitement.

I am currently registered for two classes and waitlisted for one.

I am also going to ask about potential work opportunities.

More updates to follow.

Iran is not the enemy

We are living in dangerous times. Our government continues to kill innocent citizens of foreign lands without regard to sovereignty or international laws. It is deeply disturbing and wrong on so many levels. I honestly oppose my nation and oppose my president. I stand with Iran, Iraq, and the other peaceful nations of the region, minus the terrorist entity known as Israel.

I stand for peace, for prosperity, for freedom, for justice. America, right now, is a criminal entity and our leadership is committing war crimes upon millions. I wish I had the ability to stop it.

You must recognize how brutal we are for all the wrong reasons.