Letter to the community


Dear Editor,

I have noticed that our beautiful community of Dos Palos is in need of some help technology-wise, and I suggest we fix that. As a lifelong resident of Dos Palos, I fully realize that football and farming are the main ingredients that make our town what it is, but for those so inclined, there is not much to offer outside of those two things. Sure, we recently got roller derby, but, again, that is something that not everyone wants. I would implore our city leaders to consider options for those who are academically-minded. What would it take to get together and create a makerspace for people of all ages to share ideas and knowledge and help one-another?

What I envision is a common studio for people to join, to visit, for the purpose of spreading the wealth of knowledge and skills contained here in Dos Palos and beyond. For example, maybe a student is interested in creating robots and has an idea for building something cool. They could schedule time with a mentor with robotic knowledge to further their abilities or their invention idea.

Also, those in need on web design help could visit this studio for advice or technical support. Just a thought about the potential to make our city a better, more inclusive place for all.

Thank you for your consideration and please visit my site: www.riker17.com or contact me on Twitter and Instagram @Riker17

Will J. Robertson
Dos Palos, CA

This is a letter I attempted to submit via email to my local paper, but the email address is no longer in service. So, I am posting it here and I will snail mail it in to the office later today.

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