Amazon Job!

Got a job at Amazon

New job with Amazon!

I visited the Tracy Fulfillment Center on Tuesday, March 31, to attend the required 20-minute office hours. I filled out some paperwork, submitted the required documents (my passport), and got my badge photo taken. I asked if there were any openings at the Fresno location and was informed that there was two openings and I got one of them. I am scheduled to begin on April 15th, pending final paperwork and new hire orientation.

I am feeling nervous, excited, and various other words I can not think of right now. This is a full-time position where I will be rewarded with a bonus to start and other benefits beyond. My shift is 0730 – 1800 Wed-Sat, Overtime day Monday. Lots of hours available.

This means I will be unable to continue with my college classes and I have already submitted my two-week notice at the Ram Pantry. I enjoyed my time there, but I move forward to earn better pay and a better future.

3 thoughts on “Amazon Job!

  1. I’m kind of confused here a little bit. Why would you on purpose start college classes just to interrupt it with a job? Would there be a way you could do college and work that would make more sense.


    1. The situation happened unexpectedly, as is well-known, and the opportunity is too good to ignore. I was never high on college anyways. Just a way to pass time. College is truly a worthless endeavour.


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