More cards to report on

Since my last update here, I have checked my PO Box today and found three more postcards had arrived. They came from Suomi, Finland, Harvard University, Mass., and Saskatchewan, Canada. The one from Finland was filled out during a meetup in celebration of Postcrossing’s 15th birthday! The images are below.

Suomi Finland
Suomi Finland
Postcrossing 15th birthday meetup
Sigs from the meetup
Statue of John Harvard
Statue of John Harvard by Daniel Chester French, Harvard Yard
Castle Butte, Big Muddy Badlands, Southern Saskatchewan, Canada
Castle Butte, Big Muddy Badlands, Southern Saskatchewan, Canada

A few more of my cards have been received worldwide and, at this time, five are still in the wild, waiting to be recorded. Until later, have a great night all.

3 thoughts on “More cards to report on

  1. Hello.

    Congratulations! I was long time ago also postcrossing, but then I found WordPress. If you take a look at Finland’s map, you will the line of Arctic Circle. Did you think, how it is looking like, when receiving the post card? The town of Rovaniemi is near to the Arctic Circle. Here is the Arctic Circle in winter:

    Reindeer rides and Santa

    Few days ago, we came from road trip to these areas and met many roaming reindeers in the middle of road and beside it. Next week you will see my first post about our road trip.

    Have a good day!


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