Episode 9 – Where is Matt Drudge?

On today’s show, I talked about:

Greta Thunberg Time Person of the Year https://time.com/person-of-the-year-2019-greta-thunberg/

and more!!

One week remains

While I suppose I could reasonbly enter the podcast contest alone, with only a week to go, I really would rather enter as a duo. Alone, I am unsure of what to say, how to say it, and whether I am actually truly knowledgable about anything. As a member of a duo, we could, and would, bounce ideas and information between ourselves to proactively increase listernership. This is doable. Why are people ignoring me? I exist to help you. I exist to benefit you. Why is it so difficult for you to recognize my brillance?!

Would you like to cast a pod?

I am still searching for the right co-host for my podcast. Again, if interested, please contact me by leaving a comment here or leave a message on my Google Voice number 209-820-2990. I will get back with you asap. Meanwhile, I thought a little background on podcasting would be helpful and to that end, here is a site that you may find beneficial. Take a look, let me know what you think.

The WillPower and Sounds podcast will be lively, entertaining, and informational. I plan to talk about a variety of subjects and just about nothing is off-limits. Interviews, musical guests, this, that, a mashup of what is on my mind at any given time. So, stay tuned for further details and thank you.

The announcement

I posted an announcement in several local papers regarding my need for a podcast co-host, you can see it by clicking here. It will disappear after Friday. I have not heard from anyone as yet. Not sure why that is. But, there is still time. The deadline looms and I have a backup plan, but I would rather not use it. So, if you are interested, please get in touch and let’s make this podcast a reality!