Why Bill and Melinda Gates are wrong

I watched the piece on 60 Minutes about Bill and Melinda Gates showering monies on so-called “low-income” students and was angered and frustrated by the stupidity of the whole thing.

First off, Bill Gates is a big liberal hypocrite. He dropped-out of Harvard to found his monopoly corporation and thinks that all kids should complete college when he did not? I suggest students stay away from college. I oppose going to college.  College is a waste of time and money and effort. One can learn much more by applying oneself through real-life experiences.

So, my point is, do not trust billionaires, they did not earn their monies honestly.

I know this

What I seek in a business partner and group is consistency, integrity, respect, and more. Life is about trust and everything is worth doing to perfection. You may quickly realize that working with me is the best thing that could happen to you. Please find out by contacting me and learning more. Also, be sure to visit my Patreon page and be a patron! 

Real People

Furthermore, I also seek a person willing to be able to laugh at life. By that I mean, do not take offense at anything. Sexual harassment is not a real thing and will be encouraged. Verbal harassment is also common. In fact, all forms of “harassment” are fully tolerated and encouraged. I am not one to file lawsuits. In fact, I oppose most every lawsuit. If you need to resolve something, resolve it yourself. Do not call upon others to do your dirty work. I want real people to work with me.

My formula has always been, in the words of former coach and player Mike Singletary, “we go out and hit people in the mouth.” Be not afraid to express yourself and your opinion, for the First Amendment lives and breathes freely at WJR Audio Design!

More details

Regarding what I seek in a Qualified Assistant, the person should be willing to do a variety of tasks and learn while enjoying a potentially very rewarding adventure. My life is full of interesting moments. 

Pay can be discussed later. It will be worth it. 

More later. Stay tuned.

Qualified Assistant

Over the next several weeks, and beyond, I will lay out what I am seeking in a person wishing to be my qualified assistant.

First off, most important trait is honesty. That should go without saying, but I say it so it is clear from the beginning.

Also, patience is near the top. I can be sometimes difficult, though that is not my intention. I humbly apologize in advance if I inadvertently offend.

More info to follow soon. Be sure to bookmark this site.