For this to work, I must do what?!

Okay, so I am at a crossroads in my week. I must accomplish one task to get all the other pieces to fall in place. Can I do it? Should I do it? 

Heck, you’re wondering what the bleep “it” is, aren’t ya? Well, I ain’t tellin’, yet. But, just wait, I will inform ya soon enough. Jus’ be patient. 

More to read and never a dull moment with me. In fact, I enjoy staying busy and active. 

I must conclude now with a quote: 

No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.

 – Aesop

Morning is here

I have much to say, but am unsure how to say it all. I wanted to enter the Casting Call Show podcast contest, and today is the deadline, and I have nothin’ to submit. My voice is weak and my mind is full of nonsense. I am fearful and concerned about my sanity and abilities. I am a failure and a hypocrite. If you are looking for a model citizen, look beyond me. 

This is not by choice. I can not and will not take responsibility for sometbing for which I have no control over. That is not why I am here. That is not what I am accountable for. My life is not my own. I am not of my own creation. I have no equal, no parallel. If I can not succeed, than neither can you. 

Please grow your wings and fly away. Get out while you can. Sadly, I am trapped. This life is terminal. The due date for it is unknown to us, but known to our universal truth. I want knowledge. 

Wrap it and smash it!

Long post? Not me

If you want a long post, you will need to look somewhere else. I keep my posts short. I see, I have, no need to write long essays. I hate long, drawn-out essays about nothing special. I am not a professional writer. I am a nobody with a WordPress account. 

Read my words. Answer my questions, if I have any. Just do not ignore me. 

The reason my posts are short: I get bored easily. I am ADD. I am OCD. I am not easily offended, though. Say what you will. I do not care. 

Please read and understand. Can you help me? I would like to create a crowdfunding campaign for one or more of my ideas. I need a team to make this happen. Would you like to join my team? 

How to win at life!

I have found the solution! 

What was the problem, you ask? It is a conundrum and a dilemna to speak outrageously about the present. Be quiet to hear the roar of the past as it washes over you and slides into the next dimension. The alternate is inexscapable. I could continue. I should continue. I will continue. 

Solutions are found on the bottom of the pile. The pile is large and unforgiving. Give in to the pain and be well. 

That is all… for now…

One week remains

While I suppose I could reasonbly enter the podcast contest alone, with only a week to go, I really would rather enter as a duo. Alone, I am unsure of what to say, how to say it, and whether I am actually truly knowledgable about anything. As a member of a duo, we could, and would, bounce ideas and information between ourselves to proactively increase listernership. This is doable. Why are people ignoring me? I exist to help you. I exist to benefit you. Why is it so difficult for you to recognize my brillance?!

Letter to the community

Dear Editor,

I have noticed that our beautiful community of Dos Palos is in need of some help technology-wise, and I suggest we fix that. As a lifelong resident of Dos Palos, I fully realize that football and farming are the main ingredients that make our town what it is, but for those so inclined, there is not much to offer outside of those two things. Sure, we recently got roller derby, but, again, that is something that not everyone wants. I would implore our city leaders to consider options for those who are academically-minded. What would it take to get together and create a makerspace for people of all ages to share ideas and knowledge and help one-another?

What I envision is a common studio for people to join, to visit, for the purpose of spreading the wealth of knowledge and skills contained here in Dos Palos and beyond. For example, maybe a student is interested in creating robots and has an idea for building something cool. They could schedule time with a mentor with robotic knowledge to further their abilities or their invention idea.

Also, those in need on web design help could visit this studio for advice or technical support. Just a thought about the potential to make our city a better, more inclusive place for all.

Thank you for your consideration and please visit my site: or contact me on Twitter and Instagram @Riker17

Will J. Robertson
Dos Palos, CA

This is a letter I attempted to submit via email to my local paper, but the email address is no longer in service. So, I am posting it here and I will snail mail it in to the office later today.

Would you like to cast a pod?

I am still searching for the right co-host for my podcast. Again, if interested, please contact me by leaving a comment here or leave a message on my Google Voice number 209-820-2990. I will get back with you asap. Meanwhile, I thought a little background on podcasting would be helpful and to that end, here is a site that you may find beneficial. Take a look, let me know what you think.

The WillPower and Sounds podcast will be lively, entertaining, and informational. I plan to talk about a variety of subjects and just about nothing is off-limits. Interviews, musical guests, this, that, a mashup of what is on my mind at any given time. So, stay tuned for further details and thank you.

The announcement

I posted an announcement in several local papers regarding my need for a podcast co-host, you can see it by clicking here. It will disappear after Friday. I have not heard from anyone as yet. Not sure why that is. But, there is still time. The deadline looms and I have a backup plan, but I would rather not use it. So, if you are interested, please get in touch and let’s make this podcast a reality!

Podcasts are life

I make occasional podcasts and they are always memorable. At least, I believe they are. What they are not is dull. At least, I hope they are not. What can be done to ensure your enjoyment of every episode is your continued funding of the series. Yes, I need your help to ensure a high quality product outcome. Funding is one way, feedback is another. Please comment honestly on what you think I should do to make this the highest-quality podcast possible given the available resources. Thank you and be well.