Cards arrived today!

I visited my PO Box today and found three postcards arrived today! Finally! I hope more appear in the coming days and weeks.

Two are from here in the USA and one from Holland. The images are below.

Jesse James postcard
Jesse James
Postcard from Florida
Star Cluster in Corona Australis
Holland, Country of Windmills
Holland, Country of Windmills

Sure is fun to send and receive cards worldwide! Use Postcrossing and you too can have a great time!

More Cards Sent

Earlier today, I sent off more postcards. Sent 7 today and will send 2 more tomorrow. They are going to Russia, Romania, Taiwan, and several throughout the USA. Still waiting to receive a postcard of my own. I will check my box tomorrow morning as I go about my day. I love to receive mail in my box, so please send me something, anything, though cash or equivalent is always appreciated.

Send your mail to:
Will Robertson
P.O. Box 698
Dos Palos, CA 93620

Thank you and have a great day!