Italy is open

So, it has been awhile, but I received a postcard from Italy today! I check my PO Box several times a week and always hope something cool or new is in there. Frequently, all too often, it is empty though and I am sad about that. Could you please fill my box with joy? Or money? Money would be great!

Statistics wise, I am currently at 62 cards sent, 59 received. I am looking forward to seeing more cards in my box and evening up the score.

Anyways, back to the card. I think this is my first from Italy. The writer says this is her first since the country reopened from lockdown. Says she lives in Udine. Can you find it on this map on the card? I did. Hope you enjoy this postcard as much as I did. Here it is.

Postcard from Italy
Italy postcard via

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