One and Two

Yes, I checked my P.O. Box today and found several items in it. One was a postcard. From Germany. It is wonderful getting cards from strangers. You should join Postcrossing. It is free, fun, and fantastic! The other items were of no consequence to this post.

I currently have two cards in transit, one to Germany, one to somewhere here in the USA.

Here is today’s card!

Postcard from Germany
Card from Germany

More cards are needed to send. I welcome all donations. You can pass along any postcards to my PO Box at any time.

Send to:
Will J. Robertson
P.O. Box 698
Dos Palos, CA 93620

Thank you!

Five Postcard Day

I looked inside my PO Box and discovered 5 postcards today! I have registered them on Postcrossing and post them here for your enjoyment. I got two from Germany, two from the USA, and the last from Canada. Here they are!

Germany postcard
Card from Germany
Postcard from Germany
Postcard from USA
Squirrel Monkey – South America
Deadwood, SD - circa 1877
View of Chinatown in the Bad Lands area of Deadwood on lower Main Street.
Postcard from Canada
Ware’s Guide to Emigrants

More to add to my large postcard collection. Until next time, Will out!

Cards on a Thursday

I checked my PO Box today, found two cards in it. One is from Russia and the other is from Taiwan. I think this may be my first-ever received from Taiwan. The images, as always are below.

Card from Russia
Card from Russia
Card from Taiwan
Card from Taiwan

I will next check my box on Saturday, unless otherwise able. As it is, I am waiting on news of a certain job that I will begin within the coming week. A busy time for me. But I always have time for postcards from around the globe. Send more my way! Use Postcrossing and have fun!

More cards to report on

Since my last update here, I have checked my PO Box today and found three more postcards had arrived. They came from Suomi, Finland, Harvard University, Mass., and Saskatchewan, Canada. The one from Finland was filled out during a meetup in celebration of Postcrossing’s 15th birthday! The images are below.

Suomi Finland
Suomi Finland
Postcrossing 15th birthday meetup
Sigs from the meetup
Statue of John Harvard
Statue of John Harvard by Daniel Chester French, Harvard Yard
Castle Butte, Big Muddy Badlands, Southern Saskatchewan, Canada
Castle Butte, Big Muddy Badlands, Southern Saskatchewan, Canada

A few more of my cards have been received worldwide and, at this time, five are still in the wild, waiting to be recorded. Until later, have a great night all.

Cards arrived today!

I visited my PO Box today and found three postcards arrived today! Finally! I hope more appear in the coming days and weeks.

Two are from here in the USA and one from Holland. The images are below.

Jesse James postcard
Jesse James
Postcard from Florida
Star Cluster in Corona Australis
Holland, Country of Windmills
Holland, Country of Windmills

Sure is fun to send and receive cards worldwide! Use Postcrossing and you too can have a great time!

More Cards Sent

Earlier today, I sent off more postcards. Sent 7 today and will send 2 more tomorrow. They are going to Russia, Romania, Taiwan, and several throughout the USA. Still waiting to receive a postcard of my own. I will check my box tomorrow morning as I go about my day. I love to receive mail in my box, so please send me something, anything, though cash or equivalent is always appreciated.

Send your mail to:
Will Robertson
P.O. Box 698
Dos Palos, CA 93620

Thank you and have a great day!

First one sent

It took three days, but the first of my nine cards arrived at its destination yesterday. The recipient of the card posted confirmation of it to Postcrossing and I got the email confirming it. That is the card that was sent to San Francisco! 152 miles! Now, still waiting on word of the others and I will check my mailbox later today to see if I have received any cards. My next update soon.

Sharing postcards

Postcrossing profile willriker17
Sending and receiving postcards for fun!
Send and receive postcards using Postcrossing

Using the free services of, I send off postcards with hand-written notes to far-off destinations, some here in America, others in foreign lands, and impatiently await the arrival to my post office box postcards sent by strangers. The mystery and the excitement of learning about others and seeing postcards of various types. My current allotment is nine cards sent, but as more are received, my allotment will increase. I am sending these nine out tomorrow (Monday, July 6th) to Russia, Germany, and several places in America. This blog will be updated when cards are received.

Niles Canyon Railway card, sent to Nebraska
Lick Observatory card, sent to Ohio
Lick Observatory card, sent to Russia
Lick Observatory card, sent to Germany
Generic card from Postcard Fair (, sent to North Carolina
Generic card from Postcard Fair (, sent to Oregon
Generic card from Postcard Fair (, sent to Texas
Generic card from Postcard Fair (, sent to California
Generic card from Postcard Fair (, sent to California