Election Reformation

Election Reform Project Political Revolution

The process to reform the American election system is something I have been pondering for many years and only last year did I begin to put it into actual words. I quickly realized that what I have planned is a multi-year, more likely a multi-decade, effort to alter how we vote, when we vote, and the process of counting votes. It will involve changing how we think about voting and the candidates we nominate and the repealing and editing of our Constitution. This is a radical idea, likely to be greeted with much opposition from the start. But, I will push on and fight on for what I believe in!

The details will be revealed on October 27th, 2020. By no accident did I choose that date, just one week preceding the most important election since the last one. It is imperative to correct our national follies before they become impossible to fix.

More details to come!